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Our catalogue of waste management solutions

Select a Category
  • Application for Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or Non-Compliance Certificate (NCC)
  • Processing of Pollution Control Officer
  • Application for Waste Generator's ID, Permit to Transport (PTT) and Manifest forms and Certificate of Treatment (COT)
  • Preparation & Submission of quarterly Self-Monitoring Report (SMR)
  • Discharge Permit
  • Permit to Operate
    Miscellaneous Waste
  • Pathological & infectious waste (M501)
  • Pharmaceutical waste & drugs (M503)
  • Pesticides (M504)
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment / E-waste (M506)
  • Special wastes (M507)
  • Waste Organic Solvent
  • Haolgenated organic solvents (G703)
  • Non-halogenated organic solvents (G704)
  • Used Oil Waste
  • Waste Engine & waste oil (I101)
  • Used cooking oil (I102)
  • Tallow and animal fats (I103)
  • Oil contaminated materials (I104)
  • Organic Waste
  • Grease trap waste (H802)
  • Containers (J201)
  • Waste with Organic Chemicals
  • Inks/Dyes/Pigments/Paint/Latex/Adhesives/Organic Sludge
  • Aqueous-based (F601)
  • Solvent-based (F602)
  • Ink formulation (F603)
  • Resinous materials (F604)
  • Other mixed (F699)
  • Waste with Inorganic Chemicals
  • Lead compunds (D406)
  • Mercury and mercury compounds (D407)
Preparation and Development of Procedural Manuals
  • Environment Management Sysytems (EMS)
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Safety Management
  • Project Planning, Implementation and Monitoring System
    Information, Education and Information Campaign for Environmental Compliance Program
    Degaussing & Data Destruction
  • Hard Drive Degaussing
  • Solid State Drive Shredding
  • Edispo for Households

    Enables individuals to properly dispose of their e-waste through DENR-accredited treatment facilities

    A convenient and easy way to dispose, sell or donate old and worn-out small and large household appliances.
    ✔ Serves as a donation portal where donors can drop off their appliances to Edispo Partners.
    ✔ An enabler for the informal sector by innovating their sourcing and collection process

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

    We’re introducing a new series of waste bins that make converting trash to treasure even easier than before.

    For businesses of any size, shape, color

    Get started on the journey of responsible waste management

    1. Reach out to hello@edispo.ph

    2. Edispo assesses your requirements and conducts meetings

    3. We send you a formal proposal and compliance requirements

    4. Collect, Treat, and Dispose of waste from company.