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We are the Philippine's first online e-waste exchange

What is Edispo

Edispo is a purpose-driven startup connecting solutions in the hazardous waste management ecosystem.

We are a purpose-driven consultant partner and matchmaker empowering businesses to identify and connect to the right and reliable DENR-accredited service provider for hazardous waste transport, treatment and disposal requirements. We support CSR sustainability programs on e-waste collection through consultation services and supply of waste bins.

Edispo is also the Philippines’ first online peer-to-peer e-waste exchange focused on addressing the growing amount of e-waste in the household sector. We collaborate with LGU’s, international and sectoral organizations in running e-waste collection and donation programs and hosts an online marketplace for the communities that drives and promotes responsible e-waste disposal.

Our Story

Edispo was established amidst the pandemic. After struggling to look for a junk shop that would offer the best price for a worn-out airconditioner, this sparked a flow of questions and ideas. E-waste and scrap disposal run as pervasive problems in the Philippines, yet they are only treated as a norm.
“Bahala na, basta maitapon nalang,” we would say, perpetuating harmful throwaway culture.

The lack of waste management continually depletes in short-term solutions once we disregard the process after throwing our items. Where and how do our old treasures get disposed of? But as they say, “there’s cash in trash.” Hence, we sought the opportunity of cultivating an online marketplace catering to households, micro, small, and medium enterprises that would accommodate the exchange of waste electrical & electronic equipment and other traded junk but also provide holistic job opportunities in the environmental and business landscape. With the capacity of technology, Edispo’s mission to branch out its story is directed toward innovation and inclusion. It’s not one to miss out as we unite our individual efforts which will help livelihoods and nature in diverse ways.

Our Purpose

  • To help build a clean, green and sustainable environment and improve the quality of life of every Filipino
  • To educate, promote and encourage the responsible disposal & management of hazardous waste among businesses and households
  • To create an environmental consciousness and actively involve Filipinos in a circular economy with simple ways by segregation at source and proper treatment & disposal
  • To help establish a strong link between the informal waste sector to the formal waste sector

It is made for companies that work towards net zero and operating in ways to protect and help clean the environment. This significant component of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a critical role in our world today as one of the main problems is people’s attitude towards the problem itself, knowing polluting and littering.


Enable businesses and communities to access inclusive and innovative waste management solutions

Empowering a nation in building a clean and sustainable community by connecting solutions within the waste management ecosystem


Brand Guidelines

The following are the links for the brand kit which includes the logos and guidelines for Edispo branding

The official Edispo brand manual version 2, published on January 2022.
Use the brand manual in order to adhere to a consistent brand identity for Edispo and Edispo-related publication materials both internally and externally.


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We love to challenge the norm.
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We believe that knowledge is empowerment. When you have all the information, action follows.

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Opportunities abound and our deep sense of belonging and open communication motivates us to move forward in the right direction

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