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How to post an "Invitation To Bid"

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Invitation to Bid caters only to businesses with active accounts in Edispo. It means that registered companies may publish their bidding projects relating to the disposal of e-waste (Electrical and electronic waste appliances, tools and equipment) and other disposal-related services in this platform to invite bidders to participate.

The bidding is a process that is hosted and presented but not handled by Edispo. While individual users may use our bidding feature, we would prefer to focus and market it towards SMEs (Small and medium enterprises).

The process by which buyers and sellers transact on listings that are categorized as "Invitation To Bid" are under the sole discretion of the seller and buyer. A rule of thumb is to simply message the seller if you see that the listing is categorized under "Invitation To Bid" and the seller could send you to another website for more information and where the bidding process place.

Whatever you and the seller agree on is completely up to your discretion. If you wish to visit another platform where bidding or transactions takes place, we shall permit you to do so, but we will not be held liable for any transaction, action, or agreement, that happens outside the confines of our platform.

In order to list your bid project, you can simply list a new item > Select Categories > Select "Invitation to Bid". Provide the details of the bid, requirements and contact details. Expect interested bidders to message you regarding your bid project.