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A person repairing a phone

The growing e-waste problem

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The Philippines has a growing waste problem, particularly with e-waste. We continue to use landfills as both a first and a last resort for dumping toxic and hazardous waste. Along with perfectly legitimate waste that may or may not decompose being dumped into landfills, we also tend to dump electronics and appliances.

With the generational leaps of technology, we can’t help but notice the growing pile of e-waste generated by both residential and commercial spaces. This e-waste is usually non-biodegradable which makes the situation even worse. Think about it, what was the last appliance you threw out after it stopped working? Did you know that there’s a high chance that only one or two components failed in the said appliance and you could have easily had it repaired rather than have it replaced.

While your device’s manufacturer usually charges an arm and a leg to repair these appliances, in reality, broken appliances and electronics usually only have a miniscule repair cost (with notable exceptions) if you have them repaired by third party repair shops. This not only gives your appliances a new lease on life, but can usually keep them running for years to come.