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Philippine E-Waste Disposal Guide

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E-waste is a major problem globally. The growing e-waste population has been rapidly increasing year by year as new technology emerges. The lifespan of gadgets is now slowly deteriorating because of the impact of wanting to buy the latest trends, gadgets, appliances that help us in our tasks and day-to-day responsibilities- or even for leisure in life.

Check out these e-waste disposal hacks that you can do at home:
  1. Sell your e-waste online

One of the most effective ways in disposing of e-waste is to sell it. Not only will it help us extend the lifespan of our unwanted electronics, but it will help us get a fair amount in exchange for the value of the item.

2. Donate

In times of calamities, people who have been affected by the recent typhoons can use a ton of help by establishing their telecommunications line. We can donate our useful, unwanted electronics to provide some way for them to connect with their loved ones and families.

3. Upcycle

E-waste is known to be at the end of its useful life, however with the use of advanced technologies we can extend the life of gadgets, appliances, and computers and phones. An example is upgrading the system software of an old laptop, refurbishing it and changing its batteries. Definitely a tech upgrade!
Edispo can help you sell, donate, and up-cycle e-waste just by trading the items on our platform. Truly, being able to create ways to uphold environmental sustainability is a major trend that we are hoping to see this 2022.

Be a part of the solution and learn more about Edispo here: www.edispo.com.ph

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