Waste shouldn’t be your business. It’s ours.

You have a vision to build a business, an empire, the next big thing.
Waste is our business, not yours. Stop wasting your time on waste, and let us handle it.

What is Edispo for Business

Edispo for Business provides an array of waste management solutions carried out by our trusted service partners. We are a matchmaker empowering businesses to identify and connect to the right and reliable solutions provider.

From environmental compliance services, transport and collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste anywhere in the country, we have the reputable partners that can meet your requirements.

We also support company CSR electronic waste collection programs for employee and customer engagement. Edispo for Business will take care of the mandatory documentation requirements, supply Edispo e-waste bins and provide collection and treatment services.

Whether you're a business worth millions of pesos, or an ordinary person living an ordinary life...

We have the waste management solution for you

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  • Application for Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or Non-Compliance Certificate (NCC)
  • Processing of Pollution Control Officer
  • Application for Waste Generator's ID, Permit to Transport (PTT) and Manifest forms and Certificate of Treatment (COT)
  • Preparation & Submission of quarterly Self-Monitoring Report (SMR)
  • Discharge Permit
  • Permit to Operate
    Miscellaneous Waste
  • Pathological & infectious waste (M501)
  • Pharmaceutical waste & drugs (M503)
  • Pesticides (M504)
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment / E-waste (M506)
  • Special wastes (M507)
  • Waste Organic Solvent
  • Haolgenated organic solvents (G703)
  • Non-halogenated organic solvents (G704)
  • Used Oil Waste
  • Waste Engine & waste oil (I101)
  • Used cooking oil (I102)
  • Tallow and animal fats (I103)
  • Oil contaminated materials (I104)
  • Organic Waste
  • Grease trap waste (H802)
  • Containers (J201)
  • Waste with Organic Chemicals
  • Inks/Dyes/Pigments/Paint/Latex/Adhesives/Organic Sludge
  • Aqueous-based (F601)
  • Solvent-based (F602)
  • Ink formulation (F603)
  • Resinous materials (F604)
  • Other mixed (F699)
  • Waste with Inorganic Chemicals
  • Lead compunds (D406)
  • Mercury and mercury compounds (D407)
Preparation and Development of Procedural Manuals
  • Environment Management Sysytems (EMS)
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Safety Management
  • Project Planning, Implementation and Monitoring System
    Information, Education and Information Campaign for Environmental Compliance Program

    CSR Electronic Waste Collection Solutions

    Select a Category


    • Project Conceptualization
    • Defining and understanding the social benefits
    • Goal setting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Planning and Execution
    • Permits and Documentation assistance
    • Closing report
      Miscellaneous Waste
    • 1 to 5 bins
    • 6 to 10 bins
    • More than 10 bins
    • Delivery Fee
  • Transporting, Collecting, and Disposal
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    UP Circuit
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    The E-Waste Project
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